A few members have asked "What do I have to do as a Marshall"? I have tried to put this together to give you an idea and if any other members can think of anything please let me know so I can add it in!

As a Marshall it is up to you to liaise with the rally venue. You can ring them beforehand and get acquainted....sometimes this goes a long way with the site Owner and they really appreciate this.

You should confirm pitches required at least 2 weeks before as I can only guess at how many to book, some sites require a minimum number and if this number is not reached they may ask you to cancel the Rally.

You should be the first to arrive at the site so you can set up the DCC directional signs and set your own caravan up. You should find out where the water tap is situated, the elsan and waste emptying and if there are rubbish bins and or recycling. The Rally secretary (Sue) should give you site details including a contact number so if you need to ring to confirm numbers before the rally or maybe ask if you can go the day before you will have the information. Also if you are asked by a member can we go on Thursday instead of Friday and you can't make it on the Thursday then you should say No as YOU are the Marshall and responsible for the rally. If the person is willing to start the rally for you and stand in as marshal (if you agree) then they should have the kit and put the signs out. The kit will also have our certificates and insurance details.

As a marshall you will be the first stop for the members so they can get the information from you on where they can set up their caravan. Usually you will have the Dowty Flag set up by your caravan so you will be easily spotted. It is up to you if you wish to collect the fees for the rally at this point or wait until everyone has arrived and go around and collect the money.

Once everyone is in, it is up to you when you go round and collect the money and sell raffle tickets. You should tell the members at this point what day and time you will be holding the coffee morning and raffle.

There is paperwork for the money received which needs to balance and there will be other members around who can help you out if you can not get the sheet to balance!

Before the rally starts you can buy some raffle prizes, just make sure what ever you spend to keep the receipt so you can claim your money back. A lot of marshalls will wait and see what prizes other members donate and then just go out and buy a few extras if needed. 

Members should ring you and book in beforehand and also let you know if there will be any children coming. We usually give the children sweets or chocolate.

Really the job is as easy or hard as you want it to be. It also gives you a chance to get to know the other members a little bit more.

Hope you have found this useful and please enjoy as without marshalls there can be no rally!