Dowty Camping Club Constitution/rules



   The Club shall be known as the "Dowty Camping Club", herein after referred to as the “Club”. The term "camping" used in these rules shall include all forms of camping, whether by tent, trailer tent, trailer caravan or caravanette. Sleeping in cars is strictly forbidden. 



   The objects of the Club shall be to: - 

   a. Encourage and promote the interests of camping. 

   b. Help and advise new campers. 

   c. Organise group camps and social events as required by the membership. 



   All persons shall be eligible for membership of the Club. The application shall be considered by the Committee and accepted as: - 

   a. Member (active camper, deemed to be the registered member plus partner, both of whom shall have equal voting rights).  

   b. Honorary Member (non-active camper, deemed to be the registered honorary member plus partner).


It is a condition of membership that, in their own and others’interest, all members are adequately insured for their unit and occupants against third party claims. 


All but honorary members shall be eligible to serve on the committee. Members who wish to retire from active camping may, at any time, take honorary member status. 


4.   SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                        

   The Club subscriptions shall be annually decided by the membership present at the Annual General Meeting, payable on the 1st of January. Members/honorary members who have not renewed their subscription by the 28th of February shall be deemed lapsed.  



   The Club financial year shall be from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. The annual accounts for the previous year shall be subject to audit by a committee approved auditor for presentation to the committee by 31st of January. The auditor shall NOT be a serving officer or committee member. All club monies, other than petty cash, shall be banked in a current account of a bank as nominated by the treasurer and agreed by the committee. The signatories to the cheques shall be any two of the treasurer, vice-chairman or club secretar



The officers of the club shall be the chairman, a general secretary, a treasurer, and the non-executive positions of, social Secretary and rally Secretary, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. All returning Officers shall be eligible for re-election. 



The committee of the club shall consist of the officers plus, a maximum of four members, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Club's Annual General Meeting. All members shall be eligible for re-election. At its first meeting, the committee may elect a vice-chairman and a president. The committee shall meet at frequencies to be determined by themselves, but sufficiently often to conduct the activities of the club to ensure the satisfactory management of the club is maintained. 

The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members and to appoint sub-committees. APPENDIX 2 refers.



    The Annual General Meeting shall, at the discretion of the committee, be called within one calendar year; a minimum of seven days notice shall be given to all members. The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive the reports of the officers, elect the necessary officers and committee members and to approve the accounts. APPENDIX 2 refers. 



    Any alteration to these rules must be by a 2/3 majority of those attending the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose (i.e. voting by proxy will not be permitted).The exception being rule 10, which may be modified by the committee as required or by an external body requirement, such as the Department of the Environment. APPENDIX 2 Refers. 



(i)  Rallies held under the club’s paragraph 6 exemption certificate are limited to a maximum of 5 days and only fully paid up members may attend these rallies; membership must have been granted by the committee in advance of attendance and  be for a longer period than that associated with only one event. No memberships will be granted on the rally field.

(ii) It is assumed rally goers will be familiar with the various codes already existing; the Caravan Code, the Country Code,and the Coastal Code. 


(iii) A programme of rallies for the year shall be arranged by the rally secretary using the following Department of the Environment guidelines where necessary:- 


❖ That the proposed site is not subject to an order under paragraph 13 of Schedule 1,or an Article 4 direction, nor one for which planning permission has been refused or where enforcement action has been taken. The Club shall ensure it has an agreement with the local authority before meeting on sites adjacent to sites for which planning permission has been granted. 


❖ Rallies shall not be held on sites operating under paragraph 5 of Schedule 1 of the 1960 Act or on sites adjacent to them, unless the proposed site is clearly differentiated and the risk of interference to local people and other users is minimal. 


❖ No venue shall be considered for the holding of successive meetings. All rallies are open to members of the club, under whose Certificate of Exemption rallies are organised. A member must be responsible for all those staying in his or her unit, the recommended capacity of which must not be exceeded. 


 NOTE: - Guest units are not allowed under Department of the Environment Rules. 


(iv) The rally marshal shall take steps to ensure that travel from major roads to the proposed site is not likely to cause undue disruption or difficulties to other road users and that the access to the site is suitable for the number and size of the units attending the meeting. The arrival and departure of the units shall be arranged to minimise disruption to other road users. To assist the rally marshal, members who wish to attend the rally are expected to contact the rally marshal with name,membership number, car registration and number of people attending. Rally start and duration times to be advised by the marshals. Persons wishing to attend outside the set times can only do so if the necessary arrangements have been made with the marshal. Nominated early arrival persons must be in possession of the flag and/or banner, exemption certificate,and must assume temporary responsibility for the rally until the arrival of the marshal. Persons wishing to remain beyond the specified rallying period must make their own arrangements. It must be clearly understood that any arrangement made is in no way connected with the Club and is a personal and private arrangement.


(v) All unit rally fees shall be paid to the rally marshal on arrival at the rally site. Cheques must be made payable to The Dowty Camping Club and must be endorsed with the cheque card number on the reverse side. 


(vi)  All members must report to the rally marshal on arrival at the site with their unit before pitching and must be prepared to substantiate their identity by producing their membership card if required to do so. The authority for conduct of the rally shall be vested in the rally marshal who, in the event of a member breaking the club rules, shall be authorised to request such members to remove their unit from the site. Marshals shall report the matter to the club committee for such action as shall be deemed necessary. Complaints or queries, which cannot be resolved on the rally by the marshal/ members present, must be referred in writing to the chairman or secretary for consideration by the committee. 


(vii) Recommended spacing to be a minimum of 20 feet between facing walls of adjacent units and density not to exceed 20 to the acre. Motor vehicles should be parked at the side of the unit. APPENDIX 1 refers. 


    Care should be taken when siting a unit to ensure that it does not unduly interfere with the activities of local people,their privacy or their enjoyment of their property. The sitingof the unit shall be such that it does not interfere with the enjoyment by others of the landscape or natural beauty of the area or its nature conservation value, particularly in areas designated for their qualities of landscape or wildlife. 


(viii) For rally and social purposes children are classified as being up to the age of 16 years. Teenagers of 17 years and over are classed as adults. 


(ix) In the event of a rally being cancelled or altered in any way immediately prior to the rally, only members who have booked will be notified. 


(x) Members who book to attend rallies and are unable to do so should inform the marshal, if possible, in advance. 


(xi) Members expecting visitors during the course of a rally must ensure that all visitors report to the marshal on arrival at the site.


(xii) Members attending rallies may reserve one pitch, only, at the discretion of the rally marshal.


(xiii)The speed limit on the rally site, including any access track, shall be 5 miles per hour. Only fully licensed drivers may drive vehicles on the rally site, at all times observing the 5 M.P.H. speed limit. 


(xiv) Open fires are not allowed, except with the permission of the rally marshal and in a place agreed with him. Barbecues should also be sited well away from units.


(xv) All members must carry a suitable BSI or FOC approved fire extinguisher and be aware of the operating instructions. It is also recommended that a fire blanket and a first aid kit should be included in the caravan equipment.  


(xvi) There must be a clear differentiation between drinking water and water supplied for cleansing chemical toilets. The two must never overlap. 


(xvii) Members' own toilets will be required at all rallies,properly charged with an approved base chemical fluid, and must not be charged from drinking water taps. 


(xviii) The contents of the chemical toilets must not be disposed of on a rally site, except into the disposal point indicated by the rally marshal. The disposal point, if necessary, shall be filled with excavated earth at the conclusion of the rally and, where possible, the disturbed turf replaced. Ralliers should act responsibly when disposing of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water and take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and prevent the pollution of rivers and streams.


(xix) All animals are to be kept under control and must not be allowed to run loose on the site; dogs must at all times be tethered or held on leads and must be exercised away from units and any designated play areas. Any accidental mess must be removed. 


(xx) A suitable receptacle, which must not be allowed to overflow, must be used for the collection of waste-water from each unit; disposal of this waste water is usually in a hedgerow, recognized disposal point, or as the rally marshaldirects. 


(xxi) Members must make provision to store and take home all dry and wet waste; this includes all empty tins and bottles. 


(xxii) In the interest of other campers and local residents (who should be permitted to carry on their normal activities whilst the meeting is in progress with minimum disturbance),members must ensure that noise from radios,televisions and other sources, for example, generators, is kept to a reasonable level. Members holding parties must ensure that their guests also comply. Complaints shall be taken seriously and steps shall be taken to investigate and deal with the causes of such complaints. 


(xxiii) In view of the possible damage to units, the flying of kites or model aircraft, the playing of ball games (other than within the area designated by the rally marshal),the use of guns, air pistols, catapults and other dangerous toys on the site is strictly prohibited. Cyclists must exercise due care at all times and avoid riding between units.


(xxiv) Members must ensure that their children do not trespass or cause damage to the site owners' or adjoining owners' property. 


(xxv) Each pitch should be left clear of litter at the end of the rally and a careful check made before leaving the field that no litter has been left behind. 


(xxvi) At the expiration of the period of the rally, the members’ units must be removed from the site unless prior arrangements have been made through the rally marshal or the site owner. 


(xvii) Commercial trading at any event or rally is not permitted.   



For all social events and in the interests of the club, where a booking has been made, payment is expected irrespective of attendance. Re-imbursement for non-attendance will only be made in extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the Committee.




All members shall receive a copy of these rules on joining the club and following any changes made. 



      A unit is deemed to consist of,  

(a) Caravan; including awning, toilet tent and a maximum of two small tents

(b) Motor van, including annex/awning, toilet tent and a maximum of two small tents.   

(c) A standard tent including toilet tent. Tents must be positioned separate from Caravans on the rally field.   

NOTE: -A small tent is considered to be of sufficient size to accommodate two persons for sleeping purposes only. It is normally expected that toilet tents and small tents will be positioned so as to be part of the unit and thereby ensure that site safety, security and insurance liabilities are not   compromised. 




     The definition of a quorum is considered to be: -

(a) At committee; the Chairman or his nominee plus 5 other members of the committee. 

(b) At the AGM or an EGM; the officers or their nominees plus a minimum of l/5th members.